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Kitchen in Affordable Housing

May 30, 2023

Ayan Sen, Founder and Principal Architect, ASAUDP talks about designing kitchens in affordable housing and workers’ housing

Affordable housing forms a large part of residential complexes in Kolkata and the suburbs. Speaking about kitchen design in those compact spaces, Ayan Sen, Founder and Principal Architect, ASAUDP states, “I have also worked in projects involving the construction of worker’s housing in a large industrial complex where the entire apartment is of 50 sq. ft. Obviously, there is a need that every household will cook and there is an aspiration even at that scale.”

He further adds, “The requirements will be basic like – a wash area, a kitchen counter and a basin – the fundamental necessities. Of course, it is not possible to provide functionalities like I would if I am designing a 900 sq ft apartment but then the fundamental necessities must be met. And, in a tight space like this, the exhaust system must be included or else it won’t work.”

[Edited Excerpts from a Round Table Discussion on ‘The Art of Kitchen Design: A Fusion of Culture, Cuisine & Lifestyle? held at ITC Royal Bengal, Kolkata as part of Crompton presents Kitchens Unplugged powered by Kitchen Ideas]