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More Than Just A Wall

December 23, 2021

Making a dramatic style statement with one-wall kitchens

While designing the kitchen, architects generally opt for the ‘work-triangle’ layout, which is deemed to be the most suitable method of incorporating efficiency into the space. The hitch arises when one factor is in the range of sink and refrigerator, which take up a fair amount of space. In current times, where space is getting smaller and smarter, this layout might possibly be fading away.

Instead of following the traditional path of the ‘work-triangle’ layout, designers are now creating the ‘one-wall kitchen’ layout for homeowners and giving them more functional space. They are aligning the entire appliances and cooking space against one wall, thus making the kitchen more efficient. The one-wall kitchen also known as ‘single-line wall kitchen, ‘Pullman kitchen’ or ‘straight kitchen’ is perhaps one of the layouts which are beautiful in its simplicity. The concept is quite popular in apartments and small residential spaces. Though the one-wall kitchen is well suited for small spaces, the concept is being consolidated into larger homes as well.

While designing a one-wall kitchen or a single-wall kitchen, the most important thing to consider is how the user will use and move around the space. The essentials, which are the countertop, refrigerator, cooking hob, and in some cases the dishwasher, all need to be smartly assimilated against one single wall. That means the designers need to consider the route which will let the homeowners use the limited space to its fullest. For instance, the dishwasher should occupy the space next to the sink for easy access and easy loading.


Wall with benefits

Whether it is a modular or customised kitchen, the preferences for the one-wall or single-wall kitchen are on the rise. Architects today are integrating this concept vigorously and with creativity. They are either keeping the area open, giving it an open kitchen feel, or in the case of smaller spaces, pocket doors or sliding doors are concealing the possible clutter. Thus, there are varied benefits of a one-wall kitchen.

The greatest advantage of this kitchen is that it saves space. Here the sink, stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher line up against one wall, leaving plenty of room for the users to move around without any constraints. Moreover, the design offers counter space on both sides of the range, which is an important code and safety consideration. Open shelves also create a spacious look along with making the kitchen space breathable.

Seamless integration

Times have evolved, space has become more compact and designers are eliminating the non-essentials, which includes elaborate designs for the kitchen. This particularly applies to the metropolitan cities, though this no way will compromise the aesthetics of the space. On the contrary, it adds a smart and modern look. One-wall kitchen fits all the essentials along with giving an aesthetic appeal to the space. This layout seamlessly integrates style and functionality.

Moreover, it also allows seamless integration between the kitchen and the living area. To make the place even more interesting, designers are adding a table that is capable of having a dual function of a workstation and a dining area. A flexible table with the right height can serve as a food prep area, a kitchen table, or by just adding seats, a dining table.

Smart storage space

In the form of overhead cabinets, smart storage space can be created and deep pullout drawers and cupboards ensure a clutter-free kitchen.

The layout of the one-wall kitchen is designed in a manner to encourage a smooth workflow. As the work zone is packed together, it helps construct a highly practical workspace. The sink, the stove, and the cabinets are side-by-side, thereby making the flow of the work easy and extremely efficient.