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Hafele Launches its 'Let’s Reimagine' Campaign in New Delhi


Hafele Launches its 'Let’s Reimagine' Campaign in New Delhi

28 September, 2022

The need to take a fresh look at our homes and the different spaces within them has gained great importance. After spending two years within the confines of their homes, people are realising that living spaces need to be more flexible, more comfortable and more future-ready. While design and aesthetics define the ambience of spaces, it is functionality (through clever and smart hardware solutions) that provides day-to-day benefits like adding convenience, bringing in ease of living and utilising the available space flexibly for multiple applications.

Hafele has recently launched a new range of kitchen and home solutions from their in-house global assortment - the Matrix Drawer and Runner Systems, Free Flap Fittings, Metalla 510 Furniture Hinges and Wire Storage Solutions. These products reflect the strong competencies that Hafele holds in research, development, engineering and manufacturing; and come with the well-recognized quality standards that the brand stands for, globally.

Hafele has 5 manufacturing units, 4 located within Germany and 1 located in Budapest, Hungary. Their in-house brands developed at these units through investment in engineering and manufacturing, ensure that they achieve the highest standards in terms of functionality, quality and design, making Hafele a leading manufacturer. These brands include:

· Ixconnect – Connector systems for furniture construction.

· Dialock – Sophisticated access control electronic RFID locking systems

· Lift & Turn – Free family flap fittings.

· Loox – Plug and play modular LED lighting systems for furniture.

· Matrix – Modular drawer and runner systems for all applications

· Slido – Sliding door systems for furniture, domestic and commercial applications.

Being the world leader in interior functionality, Hafele has been enhancing homes in India for almost 20 years now. They claim to have every product in their range that can potentially add value to different interior spaces like homes, offices, institutions and hotels; and can create functionality for the different applications within any interior space. 

To increase its reach and strengthen its brand recall among end customers, Hafele has launched a new communication strategy that redefines its position as a 'Lifestyle brand' that can bring ease, convenience, creativity and flexibility to homes. Hafele is a brand that exists in every possible way – be it through its clever storage solutions and intelligent and smooth hardware in kitchens, its smart digital security solutions for doors, its holistic range of sliding solutions for any application, its extensive range of lighting solutions for different areas of the home or its modern range of intuitive home appliances and more. Hafele products lend experience, novelty, flexibility and future readiness to different spaces in any home.

With Hafele’s new byline “Let’s Reimagine” the brand invites everyone to dream and choose from the endless options from Hafele’s many product ranges – to create or recreate their perfect homes.

Jurgen Wolf, Managing and Marketing Director – Hafele South Asia, said, “For a long time, Hafele has enjoyed a leadership position in the B-to-B segment in South Asia. We now want to take our brand and what it stands for, directly to the end customer through our newly launched ‘Let’s Reimagine’ campaign. With this well-defined communication strategy for our brand, we are trying to visualise the many interior solutions which Hafele is offering. We are hoping that this will whet our customer’s appetite to visit one of our Hafele Showrooms where they can touch, feel and experience the solutions that Hafele has on offer and convince them to use our products and services.”

Explaining the rationale behind targeting the end customer, Shweta Rangra, Head of Marketing, Hafele India said, "We do understand that the appliances category is an end customer oriented category. But, we want to convey that Hafele is not only about appliances but also offers several intelligent solutions in the home and kitchen space to make the user's life more comfortable and add convenience. The idea is to bring this into the forefront of the end user's mind."

The Hafele ‘Let’s Reimagine’ campaign was activated on all digital platforms in March 2022. Through a host of lifestyle videos and inspirational posts, this campaign shows how the diverse Hafele solutions bring easiness, convenience, flexibility and ultimately more quality of life, to a working couple’s hectic lifestyles. Ultimately, this campaign communicates that Hafele is a lifestyle brand that people aspire to.