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Convenience on Wheels

September 6, 2022

The trolley has always held its own in the kitchen space, but more so now with smaller residences in cramped urban areas, when fitting everything into limited kitchen space is becoming increasingly difficult. In addition to this, smaller kitchens don’t allow free movement while cooking and indulging in other activities while cooking, and the trolley makes this a lot easier.

If a homeowner is looking to add shelf space to an existing kitchen without going in for a complete renovation, kitchen trolleys offer a great solution.

The Plusses

Kitchen trolleys bring several advantages with them depending on design and functionality.

A majority of kitchen trolleys have many tiers and are built on wheels. The open shelves and ease of mobility make them a great option for storage. Not only this, the extra storage space can easily turn into a beautiful platform for decoration by adorning it with the right pieces like colourful platters.

The wheels attached to the end of the legs allow trolleys to be moved between spaces with ease. In residences with cramped kitchen space, the bigger items can always be brought in and out of the kitchen when required by using the trolley.

Some trolley designs have separate racks. These designs permit the stacking of different types and sizes of products. They can be placed outside the kitchen and moved in when needed.

If a kitchen has separated cooking and washing areas, the kitchen trolley can be used to facilitate the movement of utensils with ease.

As the name suggests, the kitchen trolley was originally designed to occupy the kitchen. But this is not always the case. This accessory is versatile and can be of use in most parts of the house. Photo Courtesy: Designer Vaishali Lahoti Shah

Vital Parameters

Trolleys come in a variety of styles - with racks, drawers, cabinets or a combination of these. Be it modern kitchen trolleys with straight lines, country-style trolleys, industrial-style trolleys, or vintage trolleys –there is a wide variety of choices in the market today. Available in a variety of materials -solid wood or wood finish, stainless steel, metal, glass and combinations of these – each of these have different attributes.

With constantly-changing trends, manufacturers offer a lot of interesting colour schemes to enhance the mood of a wonderful cooking experience. Conventional closed kitchens with brighter hues give the illusion of a larger space. Similarly, warm colours like an earthy brown will reflect a cosy look.

And of course, size matters! Apart from a range of colours and designs, space is an important parameter. Aside from creative designs and a variety of colour schemes, the design should be such that the kitchen trolley fits well and gives an ample amount of storage to offer maximum utility.

Multiple Uses

As the name suggests, the kitchen trolley was originally designed to occupy the kitchen. But this is not always the case. This accessory is versatile and can be of use in most parts of the house.

For one, if it sits at about the same height as the bed, it makes for a great nightstand, a great place to store books, magazines, a night lamp… all at arm’s reach. Using it in this context also helps in getting organised, as the different tiers allow for the accumulation of books and papers, among other things.

A small trolley in the washroom can do a great job in organising the available space judiciously. The bottom tiers can be used to store items not used frequently like towels or cleaning products, while the open shelf on top can hold a range of products used regularly. Not to forget that placing the cleaning supplies - in one place and on wheels - is very handy, as they are moved with ease and speed to the area that needs to be cleaned.

Utility and design. The kitchen trolley offers both of these and is a great asset.