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Kitchen Countertop – Solid Surface vs others

December 15, 2021

Remona Divekar

The market is full of options when it comes to countertop; Remona Divekar compares a few of them and how they fare against a solid surface

A countertop is to a kitchen is what a statement necklace is to an outfit; speaking volumes of a home's personality. Gone are the days of Carrara or Calacutta marble or about any material of sub-standard quality for kitchens and island countertops. Today there are lots of options in the market for kitchen countertops such as limestone, concrete, tile, and more adding that class factor to kitchens, complementing the entire space. Concrete countertops are the trendy things to infuse a home with a unique urban appearance.

Fusing artistic design with purposeful functionality inspired by the concepts of balance and tension in the solid surface countertops have been around for many years, innovated over the timelines. Solid surface counters have been around for 50 years, which over the point in time have proved to be an essential material that determines the look and feel of the kitchens from the floor to the ceiling, enhancing the overall outlook of the kitchens. Secondly, the available options have become m