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Upgrading lifestyle, the built-in way

May 23, 2021

By Remona Divekar

Built-in appliances have become a key element when it comes to designing a truly high-end kitchen to add a sleek and more cohesive look. Experts from renowned brands share with Kitchen Ideas how built-in appliances, if integrated smartly into the kitchen cabinet design, can create a delightful ambience.

In today’s fast-paced world, where everyone is racing against time, built-in appliances have become indispensable for kitchens. Premium housing lifestyle, growing disposable income and increasing customer awareness about modern kitchen appliances are some reasons believed to be driving India’s built-in kitchen appliances market.

Speaking on the effectiveness, functionality and popularity of built-in-appliances, Ridhvika Chawla, Director – Marketing, Hacker Kitchens India says, “The supplies of built-in appliances like built-in hobs, ovens and hoods are widely available in India and are gaining popularity because of their sleek designs aligned with the kitchen cabinets to give a chic look. The modules for these appliances are designed and customised in such a manner that the appliance suffers absolutely no harm and can be used efficiently. Multiple varieties are available in the built-in-category for the appliances so that the consumers get to choose from whether they want basic appliances or whether they want to upgrade to high-end appliance.”

"Built-in appliances are a very important part of the modular kitchens as over the period of time they have become Indianised whether it is the built-in fridge or oven which was not even thought of a couple of years ago and now it is an integral part of the built-in industry, apt for the Indian market."