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Kitchen Trends in Bengaluru

March 22, 2023

Kavita Sastry, Principal Architect, KS Designs talks about the growing popularity of open kitchens and the kitchen becoming gadget driven

Over the years, kitchens have undergone a lot of changes. Changes in lifestyle, food habits, and family structures affected these changes. As people got busier times spent on kitchens reduced but the pandemic and the resultant lockdowns brought the focus back on the kitchens.

Increasing dependence on gadgets

During the lockdown period, people spent most of their time at home and that made them realise the importance of the interiors even more. People started refocusing on homes. So, everyone is putting in more effort in redesigning and extending their kitchen – making it more versatile and packing it with gadgets. The reliance on gadgets further increased due to the unavailability of domestic helps during the lockdown period. The dependence on gadgetry grew manifold.

Opening up the Kitchen

Irrespective of the sizes of the apartments, people love open kitchens. In a smaller space, it opens up the volume. In a larger space, there is an additional closed wet kitchen. So in either of these cases, open kitchens have become very popular.

[Edited Excerpts from a Round Table Discussion on ‘Shifting Kitchen Design Trends: A Result of Changing Lifestyle’ held at JW Marriott, Bengaluru as part of Crompton presents Kitchens Unplugged powered by Kitchen Ideas.]