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Customised Vs Modular Kitchen

January 07, 2022

Remona Divekar

The choice between going modular or opting for a customised kitchen is like swinging between embracing modernity and preferring a bit of personal touch. Remona Divekar finds out some practical considerations for making the choice between modular and customised kitchens.

The culinary culture of a region is the DNA of the home kitchen. This is a subtle moulding force to the design and construction of a kitchen. Culture and climate silently but indisputably influence the functional aspect, the outcome, and workability in the kitchen. Over time it has transformed into a technologically advanced space capable to run efficiently by a single person. It could also relate to a space for a nuclear family in urban settings evolving to adjust to the socio-cultural change from a joint family tradition to the contemporary small or nuclear family uni