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A Kitchen For Aparthotels

May 25, 2022

Small and apartment-style kitchen design is an urban phenomenon and is in vogue in most city construction that reflects such styles. An interesting example of such an atelier-style kitchen can be found in a contemporary-style attic in Vicenza, in Northeastern Italy, that is structured around a neutral colour scheme and uses only a few, different materials: steel, wood and stone.

The kitchen, designed by Abimis and made from AISI 304 stainless steel, runs along most of this attic's perimeter, whose slightly pentagonal shape (with obtuse angles) forced the designer to create a bespoke kitchen. There are no signs of any joints, which were eliminated on-site during assembly.

The Atelier kitchen can be an exceptional tool, in the hands of cooking enthusiasts.  Photo Courtesy: Abimis

Combined with the brightness of the surfaces, which interacts well with the natural light flooding in through the large windows and skylight, this helps to extend the perspective of the room, expanding it and making it appear even wider. The doors also contribute to this effect, partially reflecting the interesting hexagonal tile pattern on the flooring, in shades of grey.

The horizontal oak surfaces, such as the two shelves and breakfast bar, all made to measure, give the room a warm atmosphere, softening its clearly contemporary look.

Everything in this attic is designed to fit the space available down to the last millimetre. The kitchen's backsplash is a great example: its shape also follows the contour of the small window at the end of the room. The long shelf opposite the window is another example, which is also made from stainless steel.

Small and apartment-style kitchen design is an urban phenomenon.  Photo Courtesy: Abimis

The Atelier kitchen can be an exceptional tool, in the hands of cooking enthusiasts. Its ergonomics can be seen in the recessed socle or the supporting plinth, the customised height of the units, and all the extractable compartments which maintain high levels of hygiene throughout.

The compartments are bevelled along the bottom to prevent dirt and bacteria from building up and to make cleaning easier, support the cook as he works, transforming the daily ritual of cooking into something unique and personal.

Apart-hotels, guest houses and similar establishments can use this design to great effect and create a unique guest and user experience.

[The article was first published in the January-March 2019 issue of Kitchen Ideas magazine.]