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The Sea-Faring Kitchen Look

November 24, 2023

Years after its launch by German kitchen manufacturer Alno, the fantastic Marecucina kitchen concept is as contemporary as possible and combines the unique shape and spirit of a stylised yacht without compromising on the space, storage, and functionality of a regular kitchen.

Going beyond the mere creation of efficient use of space, the modern kitchen is a style statement for house owners. It is about unique and unusual design alternatives of different kitchen shapes which embrace the principles of the work triangle as sensible and practical solutions.

A design appeared on the horizon quite some years back which deserves mention due to its ahead-of-the-times shape and configuration. ‘The Marecucina’ with its unique kitchen shape was clearly nautically inspired and brought the free sailing spirit of the boat into the home with its clean lines and interesting form.

The Marecucina has a worktop made of solid walnut veneer with narrow maple inlaid work that is reminiscent of the deck of a boat. Photo Courtesy: Alno

The Concept

Designed by Ulrich Dahm-Wachsmann, who played an important role in conceptualising and designing this kitchen, the Marecucina, has a worktop made of solid walnut veneer with narrow maple inlaid work that is reminiscent of the deck of a boat. It has an LED lighting panel that reminds of a sail and a special three-dimensionally milled edge that defines the bow of a boat. Going still further, the shape can be customised with a mast with storage space and a chrome-plated railing that can add further accents typical of ships.

While sailing enthusiasts and lovers of unique shapes and styles love the design, the Marecucina is not only about style and individuality. It is a perfectly functional kitchen.

The designer has explained the development of the design from drawing board to series production. According to Ulrich, the design of kitchen furniture is heavily influenced by the architecture of living rooms. Since maritime and nautical experiences underline a free spirit, this design of the kitchen exerts a certain basic sympathy with the design innovation.

The kitchen counter/kitchen island combination features carefully hidden storage spaces that are hard to spot in the elegant design. Photo Courtesy: Alno

Even the very first sketches of the design which were inspired by the precise observation of beautiful yachts were received well by the marketing and development teams at that time.

In the case of the base units, the concept envisaged a lighter look –whereby a special suspension fitting gives them their free-floating appearance. In the case of the fronts too, they were rounded off and in the case of the freestanding option – the worktop was milled three-dimensionally, which was an absolutely new concept since it results in a slight slope from back to front.

Any doubts that this incline was impractical were set to rest since when one is fully conscious of the slight inclination it actually accounts for the quite special charm and unmistakability of the form. In fact, such a kitchen isn’t simply any piece of furniture, it wants its feel and looks to be perceived and “handled” in a conscious manner. Its softer form, structures, and rounded features exude an almost magical charm and connect emotionality.

The cabinet elements and fronts were not simply mixed together; they were subject to a common styling principle. Photo Courtesy: Alno