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Indian Kitchen Is Witnessing A Transformation


Indian Kitchen Is Witnessing A Transformation

December 21, 2021

Chef Pallavi Nigam Sahay feels that due to increasing acceptance of global cuisines, the selection of appliances is also changing with urban people preferring premium products that are available in global markets

You must have observed the Indian kitchen closely; how has it evolved over the years and what are the new trends in kitchen design?

Indian kitchen has gone through a huge transformation. Cooking has very much become a social affair. Guests are now convening in the kitchen and helping hosts prepare meals. Today’s modern woman has collections of pots, pans, and a whole host of other cooking appliances and ingredients that can make Italian mains, Chinese appetizers to complex French desserts. The architecture of the house has evolved too!

Earlier Indian kitchen was limited to Indian cuisines. Now because of internet penetration and traveling around the world, people have become more acceptable to other cuisines. I personally am a big fan of Italian cuisine and have a lot of appliances and cookware as per that!

Chef Pallavi Nigam Sahay

Island kitchens and open kitchens are in trend nowadays. Do these concepts work well in the Indian context?

Island kitchen works well in India, whereas I am not a fan of an open kitchen, as we Indians use a lot of spices, oils, and other ingredients that can spoil the architecture of the kitchen. However, people who prepare other cuisines often can have an open kitchen.

How important is a well-designed kitchen for a chef?  What are the must-haves in a kitchen?

A well-designed kitchen is a priority for a chef! Anyone who serves food is called the God of food in India. Imagine if you have to make do with limited utensils and cookware! You simply will not be able to bring the desired flavor to the food! Today, with the high-quality modern cookware sets offered by well-known brands, cooking has become a lot easier than it used to be in the 20th century.

Must-haves – 4 burner gas stove, a mixer-grinder, an oven/ microwave, and utensil sets. Don’t forget some glassware too!

How do you see a kitchen 30 years from now – in terms of design, appliances, and technological advancements?

The demand for kitchen appliances and modular kitchens is expected to grow due to increasing disposable income and expanding middle class. Today's new generation customers are willing to spend well hence they want to have the new good looking products when they look to choose appliances for their kitchen. Urban customers travel a lot and seek premium products that are available in global markets. People will invest a little extra money for better products to showcase opulence.