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Kitchen Island - Designs and Ideas

Updated: Mar 7

Kitchen Island Idea


Introduction to Island kitchen

Island kitchens are freestanding cabinets that are generally placed in the centre of the kitchen space with some seating around, drawers and cabinets to store all kitchen appliances. The idea of kitchen islands initially began back in the days when huge wooden tables were used as extra storage and preparation spaces and sometimes used as dining spaces.

Most of the modern kitchens in homes these days have an island in them. It is also considered as the perfect social spot for the family to have a get-together, sit around, relax, and have a nice time together. Many homeowners are starting to install kitchen islands in their kitchens as it is beneficial due to many reasons. Island kitchens can have designs that go well with the rest of the kitchens’ design or can even complement it.

An Island kitchen has its own functions and uses, which makes it beneficial for a kitchen space. Most of the kitchen islands in the present day are used as cleaning centres, which has integrated sinks and dishwashers in them.

Cleaning centre kitchen sinks usually have pull-out garbage bins below the sink to give it a seamless look. Storage for dish soaps, dish towels and other cleaning items must be provided within this unit itself and should have ease of access. Other functions include the food preparation area and cooking area, which requires a little more planning in terms of design.

contemporary kitchen island design idea

An island kitchen has become more of a mandatory element in a kitchen design; apart from its setup, accommodation, and layout, an island kitchen has its own pros and cons. Island kitchen increases the space required for cooking and preparation of food and also offers extra storage for kitchen appliances and cleaning items. An island kitchen with seating can be used as a dining table as well by placing stools around it and making it a social setup. In an open kitchen, kitchen islands make it a defined space and act as the heart of the kitchen where the family can get together.

Islands kitchens can sometimes have a few issues too and create problems in the kitchen. The golden triangle concept followed in kitchen designs can be disrupted because of an island in the kitchen and cause obstruction in movement. Since the island is generally placed at the centre of the kitchen, venting and plumbing can become hard and requires special attention. There are certain space restrictions while planning for a kitchen island in a small-sized kitchen which is another disadvantage.

Minimalist kitchen island idea

Functionality and importance of an Island in your kitchen

Kitchen islands are becoming an integral part of any modern kitchen as it provides convenience to the user for many reasons, and most homeowners are willing to install an island kitchen in their homes, which is no surprise. Most of the manufacturing companies have started to remodel their plans by incorporating island kitchens in their designs. Another added factor is to add interest to your home by providing a unique design with different colours and materials.

The need and importance of an island kitchen are being acknowledged slowly by a lot of homeowners in the present day as it expresses ones’ personal style. More and more people are getting inspired about island kitchens and are willing to add them in their kitchen, which is resulting in an increasing population of kitchen ideas with islands. Kitchen islands also improve the golden triangle concept in a kitchen by providing convenience and giving it a flow.

Kitchen island designs have a lot of benefits that can cause major differences in your kitchen, right from convenience, space and a better environment. If you have a small kitchen, islands are a great idea to increase the storage space and make it less congested. Kitchen accessories and appliances get extra additional spaces making any small space look automatically larger. The kitchen island becomes a central hub and can make the surrounding areas look comparatively subtle, which is a huge advantage for smaller kitchens.

Ultra modern kitchen island

Seating spaces can be added around a kitchen island design so that it can act as efficient dining spaces, a social space if you’re hosting gatherings, an area to do your work, and also be productive and socialize at the same time. In the present work-from-home day especially, homeowners can work, socialize and be productive in their own kitchen all at the same time. A kitchen island solves most of the kitchen design problems and also provides benefits both in terms of functionality and appearance.

Many important factors are involved when one wants to design and install kitchens with islands. The three most important factors include size, cost and installation. It is very important to consider the size of the kitchen space as well as the island size before designing it, based on the layout and style of the kitchen. The island kitchen should look proportionate in size and should have enough circulation space around for movement. The workability of the room should also be planned beforehand based on the appliances and fixtures that are going to be installed.

When it comes to the cost, it is important for the homeowners to determine how much they are willing to pay for an island kitchen; this can depend on various factors like size, craftsmanship, material, design, and colour. Installations of island kitchens are very important as it is not possible for a homeowner to do it on their own; it is better to leave it to the professionals.


Kitchen designs are an integral part of India's culture. The article covers how the traditional to modern, Kitchen design ideas have evolved in India.


Design ideas for Island kitchen

Kitchen islands increase the utility and appearance of a kitchen, and there are many designs that you can put to use that can transform the way your house looks. L-shaped and straight kitchens are best suited for islands in your kitchen, with open walls that can help serve the island kitchen as a dining area as well.

The design of your island should match with the design and functionality of the rest of the kitchen, as it requires easy circulation for the golden triangle concept. The fixtures, appliances, interiors and aesthetics of the island in your kitchen must match with the rest of the cabinets as well. You can choose the same style and colour scheme that can complement or contrast.

Budget Kitchen Island Counter

Kitchen islands are usually customized to the users’ needs and style. The most common use of a kitchen island in today's modern-day is to use it as a bar unit with a few shelves to make it a comfortable spot for a social evening. Another popular customized use of an island kitchen is to design it in the form of a hob unit along with a sink. The hob unit consists of a stove with a chimney on top and a sink on another side, and also a few drawers for utensils and cutlery.

One of the island kitchen ideas that is gaining popularity in the coming days is having a microwave fixed to the island in the form of a drawer below the countertop of the island. If you have a small kitchen, then the perfect way to design an island in your kitchen is by adding a temporary freestanding table on one side of the kitchen with some storage space below.

Islands in kitchens these days are also being manufactured in different shapes based on the shape and style of your kitchen. Some of the island kitchen plans include shapes like L-shaped, T-shaped, curved and even round. Choosing the colour and material of your island kitchen is not only based on the rest of your kitchen design but also depends on the use of the island kitchen. If it is used as the primary cooking or prepping area, then the material used should be durable and stain-resistant.

Kitchen Island with Wooden Look

Island kitchen ideas include lighting as an important role in kitchens as it is situated usually at the centre of the kitchen and becomes the prime focus. Certain lighting designs can go well with kitchen islands and enhance their appearance of it, making them not only functional but aesthetically pleasing as well. If you’re using your island counter kitchen as a bar unit or a breakfast counter, pendant lighting is one of the best options to provide focus on the plates placed.

To give the island the look of a focal point, spotlights can be used to enhance this use. Modern island kitchen ideas include the installation of track lights over the counter that can be adjusted to required angles.

Cove lighting is a soft type of fancy lighting that is one of the perfect choices for your island kitchen to give it an elegant and luxurious look. Other than these aspects, a homeowner should also look into the plumbing, vaulting and electrical layouts to plan out the entire design. More could be found in a kitchen ideas magazine.

Spacious Kitchen Island

Island kitchen design ideas for Indian homes

Indian homes have that Indian style kitchen touch to their design which makes them unique and different from the rest of the kitchen styles. Island kitchen designs have also started to gain popularity in Indian homes and are mainly used as breakfast counters and also as a prepping area that is used for cooking, chopping, and placing appliances like toaster and grinder. Sinks are rarely installed on kitchen islands that are designed in Indian homes. Kitchen island ideas on a budget are wooden tables that were initially placed at the centre of the kitchen in Indian homes, which acted as an island in the kitchen in the olden days.

Certain kitchen styles that consist of an island kitchen design are pretty common in Indian kitchens. L-shaped European style kitchen design with colours like blue and white having a laminate finish is the most commonly seen design in an Indian home. The kitchen in this style consists of a central highlighting island and a patterned backsplash for the rest of the kitchen. L-shaped wooden themed kitchens are the next in line in terms of trendy Indian kitchens with an island. Contemporary kitchen designs in Indian homes are designed with brown shades and tints and with materials like wood to give that warmth. White island countertops made of ply used as a breakfast counter with some attractive lighting can complement well with a wooden themed kitchen.

An excellent design of island kitchen for an Indian kitchen is to use a wooden table as an island placed at the centre of the kitchen. This wooden table is multipurpose as it will go well with a wooden themed kitchen style as a storage unit or prepping area and can also be used as a dining table at the same time. A look that is typically seen in a kitchen magazine.

Island kitchen designs in India is being utilised to their maximum use; they are being used as primary countertops with cooking, prepping as well as storage units and can also be called inbuilt kitchen island designs.

Kitchen Design Ideas for Indian Homes

Primary island kitchen countertops act as a focal point and should be designed keeping in mind details of both functionality and aesthetics. These spaces work effectively for Indian homes as family members can work and be productive together at the same time.

Indians go with Vastu, and a lot of Indian homes are designed based on Vastu, so it can become a little difficult to design island kitchens with special plumbing, electrical and venting layouts complying with all these standards. Moreover, India has a lot of apartment structures, and kitchens in these structures aren’t that large to install a spacious island kitchen in them.

Therefore, if you really want one in your apartment kitchen, small kitchen ideas with island design must be discussed thoroughly in the initial stages to make the space functional. Finally, it is important to work on all the elements of the kitchen space and design an island kitchen that is both functional and appealing.


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