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The Space-Saving Circle Kitchen

May 30, 2023

Anurag Yadav

Occupying just 20 sq ft, Circle Kitchen rotates up to 180 degrees and encompasses a sink, microwave, and dishwasher along with the same amount of kitchen cupboard as any other kitchen.

No matter how much one spends on kitchens, if the layout isn’t right, it’s a waste of money. Especially in cities where there is less space available but the needs are ever-increasing it is important for designers to be as creative as possible. Keeping in mind all the complexities, needs and necessities of the modern family, Compact Concepts has come up with Circle Kitchen, claimed to be one of those smart products which are ideal for small spaces.

The Circle Kitchen is available in different dimensions and models depending on the equipment.  Photo Courtesy: Compact Concepts

Changing kitchen needs

Every home has a unique kitchen, there are four to five classic layouts, each with its own benefits: single and double galley kitchens with one or two continuous runs of cabinets; L-shaped kitchens that are built into a corner and offer optimum counter space; and U-shaped kitchens, which surround the cook on three sides with everything within easy reach.

Over the past few years, one of the most common requests from clients is to create a multi-use space where clients can cook, eat, entertain and help with the children’s homework. It’s a reflection of the way many of us are choosing to live these days. Dining rooms are increasingly redundant, sacrificed to create a single, larger space where people can gather. Kitchens have become the ultimate multitasking space.

Another concern of the kitchens is that they should have a lot of storage space yet not look too cluttered. Many clients demand entrances should be kept as clear as possible so that the room feels open and spacious. A circular kitchen provides a solution to all the concerns as it is a tailor-made kitchen for city living.

The circle kitchen is mobile, and without alteration, the circular kitchen can easily be taken with you when relocating or can be easily shifted to any area of the house.  Photo Courtesy: Compact Concepts

Innovation at its best

The Circle Kitchen is designed by Alfred Averbeck for Compact Concepts. The concept of the circular kitchen came to master joiner and furniture designer Alfred Averbeck whilst practising his trade in Germany during the mid-nineties. Averbeck was witnessing the rapid evolution of apartment dwellings, and the quite different needs of a new generation of professionals who wanted more space for living and less of their apartment's space devoted to the traditional kitchen.

He began work on designing a very compact kitchen using the latest technology to reduce the size, and enable the kitchen to be moved and relocated easily, and did not need to have a dedicated room, or indeed, even be anchored to a wall. The concept of an independent unit came early and many designs followed as the idea of a decorative unit that could be closed off and locked evolved.

The circular kitchen is a 1.8 sq meter object which features all characteristics of a usual kitchen. The kitchen is fully circular, rotating a full 180 degrees furniture piece, which incorporates everything from kitchen sink and dishes to microwave and dishwasher. 360 degrees rotating shelves help to access pots, pans, glassware and so on. Circle Kitchen has exactly the same amount of kitchen cupboards as any other middle-sized kitchen.

The circular kitchen is being produced in accordance with the latest technologies. Photo Courtesy: Compact Concepts