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5 Essentials of Modern Kitchen Colour Ideas and Kitchen Paint Ideas [2024]

Updated: Jun 25

Modern Kitchen Ideas Color

Structure of the article

Introduction and Importance of colour difference to the user

We see the world with the help of our eyes, and if it had no colour then the black and white view wouldn’t have had any meaning to it.

In kitchen ideas colours play a major role in what we feel and understand and creates a balance. Overall, it can be said that colours have a huge impact on human psychology and using the certain colours can have either a positive or a negative impact on human psychology.

Certain people gravitate towards certain colours and it has an influence on childhood and culture.

Let us have a look at the wide range of kitchen ideas colours used and what impact it can have on human psychology.

Dark colours like black and brown have been used extensively worldwide and is one of the best colour for the kitchen. These kitchen colours ideas give out a very sophisticated and mysterious look to the entire space. In terms of psychology, black represents strength and power and because it is associated with water as well, it represents depth, calmness and perseverance. It can add a dramatic effect to your kitchen so it can be used on certain cabinets, pipes, handles, and fixtures.

dark kitchen ideas colors

Subtle and soft kitchen paint ideas like white, grey and beige also provide a sophisticated look to a few users and are one of the most popular colours for a kitchen. These kitchen ideas colours go very well with minimalistic style kitchens.

It is a known fact that light colours make any room look more spacious, this can act as an added advantage. Subtle colours represent cleanliness, purity and innocence. These colours are good reflectors of light which in-turn provides luminance and bright workspace. Subtle colours are also kitchen colour ideas for a small kitchen.

Other bright kitchen colour paint ideas such as red, blue, green, yellow, orange, etc provoke different internal responses and has unique colour psychologies, which is again one of the most popular colours for a kitchen. Red is a very polarising preference which represents compassion, kindness and love. It is usually used to reduce hostile and aggressive behaviour.

Orange and yellow on the other hand are just like red and comes under the category of warm colours. Orange gives a very enthusiastic and joyful feeling to the space. Yellow being the most eye-catchy colour gives the user a sense of cheerfulness and hope. Since all these kitchen ideas colours provide a warm feeling, they can be used in areas with cold climate.

Blue and green are bright colours and yet cool colours.

Both these kitchen design ideas bring out the feeling of nature around us which gives us a refreshing and comforting mood. In terms of psychology, green colour helps in improving the users’ focus and the colour blue stimulates a very relaxing and productive kitchen space. These kitchen ideas colour schemes are one of the best colours for a kitchen that is situated in coastal homes or in homes that are surrounded by a lot of greenery.

subtle kitchen colors and paints

Contrasting colours and tones for different kitchen styles

Kitchen is a space where one has to be productive and positive throughout the day on all days. We know by now that each colour affects the mood, emotions and productivity in different ways. Let us now look at the various contrasting kitchen design colour combinations that can be used to uplift these factors and boost creativity.

The most popular contrasting kitchen design colour combination is the one consisting of a dark colour and a light colour. Incorporating such contrasting colours prevent your kitchen from looking monotonous. Adding two or more colours in the palette makes the space fun-loving and interesting but choosing these colours to complement each other well is a challenge.

A wide range of dark and light kitchen design colour combinations can be used, like neutral browns with whites, brown with beige, black with beige, black with white and also purple with white. Any of these kitchen design colour combinations can be used in a contrasting manner in different areas of the kitchen like cabinets, backsplash, fixtures, lighting, and handles.

Bright colours with subtle colours is another interesting kitchen design colour combination that has been used extensively in many homes these days. Using too many colours can cause confusion and make it look overcrowded, therefore subtle colours can be used to tone it down and illuminate both an energetic and sombre mood. The combinations here would include red, green with grey, blue with white, red with white, green with grey, yellow with white, and green with beige.

kitchen ideas colors for small kitchen

One can find certain unique kitchen design colour combinations in homes like - pastel colours, blue, gold with copper, black with blue, black with orange, grey with white, different shades of the same colour or even go all white. These kitchen ideas colour combinations are rare to notice but it all lies in the users’ eyes and have their own significance.

Using pastel colours, different shades of the same colour, and all-white, give a very sophisticated, minimal and modern look to the kitchen. You can also pair it up with some unique fixtures or lighting to complement the monotonous look. Contrasting colour combinations can be incorporated not just by using different coloured paints but also by using different materials that have different textures and finishes.

Colour options for different kitchen finishes

Whether it is designing or re-designing your kitchen, different areas and workspaces in it are made with different materials and colours. A designer helps put together all these different kinds of materials, finishes and colours in one single space and still make it look sophisticated and appealing without overcrowding it. Let us have a look at the variety of colours that can be used suitably on each of these kitchen areas.

Cabinets cover majority of the kitchen space, because of which it is usually the first to draw the viewers’ attention. A few suitable cabinet colours will really shine, hold up over time, and bring productivity into your kitchen.

These colour combinations include white with grey, crisp white, understated grey, vibrant blue, sage green, black, brown, mint and pastel colours. Overall subtle colours would make a great kitchen cabinet. Generally, complementary colours are suitable for kitchen countertops, therefore, any colour that complements the colour of the kitchen cabinet is a wonderful choice.

kitchen cabient colors - white and beige

Colours like white, dark brown, natural grey, rich black and beige are one of the best colour for kitchen countertops and are popularly used in most households. You can even go with one colour for both cabinets and countertops to give it a monotonous look.

There are certain tiles, colours and finishes that work in certain spaces of a home. Similarly, in a kitchen, the choice of tiles and colours for flooring and walls can make a huge difference in terms of physical appearance as well as internal responses of the user. Floor and wall tiles occupy and play a major part in designing a kitchen.

Colours like white, grey, black and beige are some of the most commonly used kitchen colour paint for walls and floor tiles. It is indeed a great choice as it neutralizes the overall tone. These tiles can either be used plain or with patterns consisting two or more colours.

Kitchen colour paint for hardware again depends on the shades and tones of colours used in the kitchen. You could go with black, gold or bronze hardware if your kitchen colour paint consists of warm colours, and you could go with black, silver and stainless steel if your kitchen colour paint is more of a lighter tone or cool colours.

The lighting, metal accents and other accessories used in the kitchen would look better if it is matched with the hardware. Appliances used in the kitchen could also follow the same colour scheme of hardware and other accessories to make it look elegant and not overcrowded.

Colour schemes look different on certain materials and finishes, which makes it important to have an idea for kitchen paint colour which is suitable for certain types of materials and finishes. Few commonly used materials in kitchen are wood, marble, and granite. Wood is one of the most durable materials for a kitchen cabinet, they come in natural colours having shades of brown and beige and can go well with subtle and cool colours.

loud orange kitchen ideas color

Marble and granite on the other hand, have a wide range of colour schemes along with providing an aesthetically pleasing workspace. Pastels, white, black, navy blue, beige, grey or even multi-coloured textured are the colour schemes one can find when it comes to marble and granite.

Apart from material choices, finishes like acrylic, glossy, and matte also come into play while choosing the right colours. Although, usage and maintenance is the most important factor considered while choosing a finish, a small percentage of physical appearance matters too.

In an Indian context, you will find a lot of masalas used in cooking, glossy finishes are very easy to clean these stains. But one disadvantage is that the colours in glossy finish may start to wear out due to sunlight or harsh exposure and chemicals.

The same doesn’t happen with matte finishes which keep the colour intact for several years. Idea for kitchen paint colour for materials with glossy finish are subtle colours like white, beige and grey. Idea for kitchen paint colour for materials with matte finish are colours like black, blue, green, brown and red.


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Suitable colours for each kitchen style

Designing a kitchen also includes which kitchen style to choose. Let us get to know about a few popularly used kitchen styles in households and what colour palettes go well for each of these styles. Traditional kitchen style can either have an entirely cool tone or warm tone. Shades like orange, terracotta, and ochre are used in this style.

Contemporary or modern kitchen paint colours include almost any colour combination from the colour palette. Most common modern kitchen colour ideas include white with shades of blue like aqua, turquoise, navy blue, cobalt blue and dark blue.

Modular kitchen colour ideas include a wide range of colour combinations with different shades having unique tints and tones.

luxury kitchen colors and paints

Following are a few kitchen design styles that are not seen very often in Indian households but can be a game changer in the coming days. Eclectic kitchen style does not follow a particular rule and allows the user to grow in terms of creativity. It incorporates colours like olive green, charcoal grey, navy blue, and black that are colourful yet doesn’t make it look very loud. Industrial kitchen style can be spotted with a lot of raw material finishes and natural colours like grey, beige, black and shades of brown.

Minimalistic and bohemian kitchen styles use the same colour palette which is to go all-white or use very subtle shades, but the difference comes in accessorising the space. Minimal kitchen style depicts a clean and pure space where limited quantity of appliances and fixtures are used, while on the other hand, bohemian kitchen style incorporates a lot of lively patterns, rustic wood, leather and a lot of plants.

Apart from different kitchen styles, there are also certain layouts for a kitchen require suitable colour schemes to add certain advantages. Kitchen colour ideas for a small kitchen like an L-shaped kitchen are subtle colours like white or beige to make it look spacious and bigger. U-shaped kitchen layouts can have a combination of a bright or dark colour with a subtle colour, so it doesn’t make the space look very confined. Island kitchen layouts are spaces where you can go all-in with your creativity and incorporate any kind of colour scheme.

Creating mood boards and accessorising as modern kitchen colour ideas

Accessorising your kitchen can be another challenging part of the entire design process, especially when it comes in terms of a particular colour scheme or mood board or a theme. A small tine tone or tint can also transform the space from a boring one to an interesting one or vice versa.

Colour of the lighting fixtures should also be thought of, you can choose any from silver, gold, bronze and black to match with the colour palette of your kitchen. One should always have a look at the undertones, as it can change the entire feel of even neutral colours. Do try to make your space colourful, but make sure you don’t overdo it. Try referring a kitchen magazine to understand more about it.

Creating a mood board in the initial stages of the design process is very crucial. This can help determine what colours, furniture, fixtures, finishes, materials and lighting we require and make us visualise how everything put together would look like overall. In terms of colour schemes, mood boards are the best solution to determine what colours we require, the shades under each colour, the tints and tones, and complementary colours.

contrasting kitchen colors

Other décor and accessories like beautiful dishes, serving pieces, cutting boards, baskets, fruit bowls, and even cooking books can all be planned according to the colour scheme of the kitchen.

Most important of all, be practical! Kitchen is one such space where memories are made, so it is important to design it based on your personal styles and your family’s personal styles. Don’t feel pressurised based on the trending styles or any perfect kitchen design and give room to creativity.


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