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20 Modern Small Kitchen Design Ideas For the Wow Look

All of us dream of having spacious modular kitchens in our homes, but in reality, most of us have to make use of smaller-sized kitchens which is not a bad thing after all.

The real challenge is to come up with aesthetic and functional design solutions to make your small kitchen design as efficient as a large one.

Here are 20 different design ideas put together for your small modern kitchen design which will not make you worry about the size of your space again.

You can take a look and find some inspiration for your small modern kitchen design.

1. Hang a pegboard

Hang a pegboard in your small kitchen design
@bertola_home: Instagram

Using pegboards in your small modern kitchen has multiple advantages especially when the main goal is to make maximum use of the space. They can be used as a coffee station, to store utensils, or to even store smaller-sized appliances.

2. Use the top of your cabinets

Use the top space in your small kitchen
Annie Spratt on Unsplash

In most homes, the empty portion above cabinets is completely omitted. This space can be utilised to display some serving pieces, place décor collections, or be used as another open storage space.

3. Consider a fold-down table

Foldable table in a small kitchen
@kreakita.homedecor: instagram

Fold-down tables are growing with technology in the kitchen and can be seen in most modern homes where the kitchen is small and homeowners are willing to save some space. These tables can be opened up as an island in the kitchen and can have multipurpose use.

4. Use some folding chairs

Foldable chairs for a small kitchen
Vaishali – Chief Designer Cuisine Regal

If you have the dining space attached to your kitchen then foldable chairs could do the trick of saving you some space. These chairs can be opened up along with the table whenever necessary, making your kitchen look spacious at other times.

5. Turn your modern backsplash into storage

Ideas to use backsplash as storage in small kitchen
Good Soul Shop on Unsplash

You can make use of the vertical space in front of backsplashes to install knife hangers, towel hangers, and boxes for fresh produce. It can also act aesthetic depending on your backsplash design. In Indian households, spice racks can also be hung in front of backsplashes.

6. Use little narrow shelves wherever you can

Shelves ideas for a small kitchen design
Edgar Castrejon on Unsplash

Using narrow shelves as compared to deep shelves can help you organize containers and cutlery more organically. Narrow shelves make it easier to find what you’re looking for and make use of maximum space.

7. Use subtle colours

Subtle colors for small kitchen design ideas
Sidekix Media on Unsplash

Using colours like white, beige, light grey, and pastels make any room look so much more spacious than they are. One tends not to feel congested when in a subtle coloured atmosphere. You can also add a pop of any bright colour to complement these subtle colours.


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8. Patterned stickers as splash backs

Pattered splash backs for a small kitchen
Mikael Cho on Unsplash

Modern kitchens are provided with a range of splashback stickers that have different colours and patterns.

You can choose from a wide range of options and enhance the look of your kitchen backsplash by making it a little creative and interesting.

9. Use the walls for hanging kitchen tools

Utensils hanging ideas in a small kitchen designs
Anna Syla on Unsplash

Just like how the space in front of splashbacks is installed with knife and cloth hangers, empty walls in your small kitchen can be used to hang tools that you use regularly. Metallic kitchen tools would also complement the overall look of your kitchen if you have used subtle kitchen colour ideas.

10. Install a decorative centrepiece

Small Kitchen ideas - use a center piece
Uliana Kopanytsia on Unsplash

Sometimes a focal point or a centrepiece is required to remove all the focus from the chaos happening in a small kitchen space. This can shift focus from the everyday life of the user and also make a visitor feel something unique and personalised about the design.

11. Install some creative lighting

Creative lights for a small kitchen design
Clayton on Unsplash

Different kinds of creative lighting in the kitchen can enhance the look of your kitchen and also make it more efficient for the user. Recessed lighting, pendant lighting, task lighting, cabinet lighting, and track lighting are all the different options you can choose from to completely change the look of your small kitchen design ideas.

12. Consider a minimalist kitchen design

Minimalist kitchen design ideas
Aaron Huber on Unsplash

Every time a minimalist design style is incorporated, the first thing that comes to mind is the colour white. Since we’ve already discussed using subtle colours, we know what advantage it has in making a small kitchen look bigger.

Minimalistic design style also depicts a clean and simple look which can make the user feel like there’s more space for them to work in the kitchen. It also goes against the stereotype that small kitchens are congested and make you feel claustrophobic.

13. Plan for a one-wall design

One wall small kitchen ideas
Steven Ungermann on Unsplash

It is an excellent idea to design one-wall kitchens when your main goal is to save space. One-wall kitchen designs usually provide you with a lot of extra storage space and all the required appliances and utensils are within easy reach of the user.

It allows some clear space for circulation with or without ideas for kitchen island, unlike other small kitchen layouts.

14. Use glass doors or partitions

A glass partition in a small kitchen
Alex Perz on Unsplash

Glass doors or partitions are an excellent choice for small kitchen designs as they provide extra light to flow into your space and also make the interior space look larger.

It is a perfect fit for a modern design and also serves a functional purpose. It helps in zoning specific areas of your house without making the separated spaces look small.

15. Opt for high-end kitchen finishes

High end finishes in a small kitchen
Andre Francois on Unsplash

Since most of us prefer spacious modular kitchen designs, why not opt for a similar finishing look even for your small kitchen design?

It gives your kitchen a sleek and sophisticated look where all cabinets are perfectly aligned and durable. You can choose from a wide range of colours, materials, and finishes to be creative even with a smaller kitchen space and make it look modular.

16. Add in a kitchen storage stand

storage ideas in a small kitchen designs
Vaishali – Chief Designer Cuisine Regal

Free-standing kitchen cabinets give you an option to reposition them anytime based on your comfort. They can add as a storage component or another décor piece to your space.

There are a lot of designs and colours of such cabinets available in the market, you can just pick one which works well with your kitchen idea.

17. Make use of integrated appliances

Use integrated appliances in small kitchen
Kam Idris on Unsplash

A lot of homeowners are shifting to integrated kitchen appliances in general, but it also has an added advantage in small kitchen designs. Integrated appliances help you to save a lot of floor space and countertop space.

It also gives a very sleek and stylish finish to your small modern kitchen design. You can choose from a variety of finishes to work well with the rest of your kitchen design.

18. Use every corner of your space

Use every corner in small kitchens
Christa Grover on Burst

Get creative and make good use of your space by making every corner look interesting and not leaving it boring and empty.

The goal is not to over-clutter it but to make the already existing small kitchen space feel lively. Most modular kitchen designs have corner cabinets that pull out as storage spaces.

19. Accessorize the space with some hanging plants

hanging plants in modern small kitchen design ideas
Andrea Davis on Unsplash

Whether you’re a plant lover or not, it’s always an advantage to have some plants in your personal space. Plants always liven up your space and add an extra character to your kitchen. They help in better circulation of fresh air in a closed space which is a great way of keeping the air fresh, especially in a kitchen. You can also use spices that come straight from these plants in your kitchen to make your food authentic.

20. Incorporate a hidden prep area

Hidden prep area in a small kitchen design ideas modern
Sarah Pflug on Burst

If you have very limited countertop space for preparation in your kitchen, then install a hidden prep area surface that can slide out as and when you require it.

The top surface can be used accordingly for preparation or chopping and can contain a hole below which you can place a dustbin to throw out the waste.

This hidden area has multiple advantages of being a space-saver, being functional, and being efficient.

So, with our practical tips get the perfect kitchen ideas magazine look.


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